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Apple iPhones are one of the most purchased phones in the world. This is understandable for the highest quality. Surely you have noticed that when a new iPhone comes out, its price is pretty high. For most people, a new iPhone is not affordable. And here we come on the scene.


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If you want a better deal, you have to wait for a while until its price drop. But if you don't want to wait, you can buy used/refurbished phones. You get the same top quality for a better affordable price. How clever is that?


Not all phones on our shelf are refurbished. Sometimes we buy used phones in good condition. We test them to make sure everything is working properly. Other times we buy cracked/damaged phones that need to be repaired. We do everything to make them beautiful and fully functional again. And you have the deal you've been waiting for!


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Great Price for the top quality phone. Yes, it's a reality and is that easy. You don't need to wait anymore! Visit our page Buy Phones!

iPhone 11

Apple iphone 11 was released in September 2019 and it was a hit. It comes with 6.1" LCD, called "Liquid Retina HD display". iPhone 11 uses Haptic Touch instead of 3D Touch. Haptic Touch Apple iPhone 6 and abouve till Apple iPhone XR has 3D Touch. With 3D Touch you can by presure on the screen open a shortcut menu. Haptic touch was first introdeced with Apple iPhone XR in 2018.
With Haptic Touch you use long-press, you feel a litle vibration and pop up menu shows. Acordinc Apple Haptic Touch helps to do things faster. For example take selfie without launching camera. Neet! Design
If you like something different iPhone 11 is design for you.
Apple iPhone comes with glass body. You can choose between 6 different colours: White, Black, (Product) Red, Yellow, Mint Green and Purple.
The Best feature of iPhone 11 is dual lens camera. Camera captures four times more scene and it is perfect for capturing landscape, architecture images etc. Night mode was added to provide better, crisp, clear, quality photos in low lightning.
Thanks to front-facing ThrueDepth camera, "Slofies" became reality. What is "Slofie" you ask? It is selfie in slow motion. Interesting, right?
Battery life has improved. It should hold an hour longer than latest iPhone XR.
If this device make you interested, check it out on our website.

What we do for you?

iPhone Buyer UK is concentrating on Screen Repair, Phone Sale and LCD Screen Refurbishing Service. We Sell
We sell used/refurbished phones for low price and high quality. Phone sale is one of our main characteristic. We do our best to provide best quality phones for good price. Not all our phones are refurbished. Sometimes our phones are buyed like used in good condition. We make sure the phone we selling you is working like it should. We want happy costumers and we do our best to achieve this goal.
Our refurbished phones are repaired by our experienced, trained technicians. You can be confident in our work. For your peace of mind we offer 12 Months warranty for all our products.
Except phone sale we are selling Refurbished Screens as well. If you need Screen for your phone, we are here for you. Our Refurbished screens are tested and made lots satidfied customers. We Buy
Maybe you have old phone lying around without any use for it. Sell it to us! It has a cracked screen? Not a problem, we will buy it from you anyway. Check our page- Sell Phone. Fill a form for us and within 1-2 days we will send you a quote. If you will be happy with our offer, we will asist you with further steps. We Repair
Screen Repair is our passion. We have fully trained technicians with years of experience and they are eager to fix your screen for you. We are very proud on our work and we do everything to make sure your phone is fully working again.

Did you know? Facts about iPhone

The iphone 2G and the latest model iPhone 1 were the first mobile phones introduced by Apple and was released in June 2007. Development of iPhones began in 2005 and was kept in secrecy when Steve Jobs envisioned an Apple product where you can use touch to interact with the screen rather than using the stylus, aka Touch Screen. It could have layers of multiple-touch touch screens.
Steve Jobs recruited Apple engineers for this project. The development cost was estimated at $150 million over 30- month period.