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My Journey to the World of Phones, Screens, and Phone parts started 10 years ago. But really it started far sooner. From an early age, I liked to "play" with electronics. I took them apart and put them together again. It fascinated me. I always wanted to know how things work, why they work as they do. I was always surrounded by screwdrivers and a soldering station. 


In my adulthood, I worked in an electronic company for many years. Meanwhile, I started work with phones. Repairing Phones wasn't so popular as it is nowadays. I worked for my friend who owned and still does a phone repair business. It helped improve my knowledge. But it wasn't enough so I read and watched everything I could lay my hands on. I always dreamed to have my own Phone Repair Business.  Finally, I decided to try it.  I started my own business still as just a part-time job. I learned everything there to know about phone repairing, screen repairing, screen refurbishing and I can say with certainty that I managed it. 


I started the iPhoneBuyer Uk company alone, but our family has grown. We at iPhoneBuyer UK will be happy to help you with any problems you may have with your phone or advise you on what to do with it to solve them.  

This is a  short story about  Us.

Miroslav Hamornik

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