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Screen repair service

             Apple iPhone Screen Repair Service
    We can ensure that your Screen will be as new


Same-Day Screen Repair

LCD Replacement

We understand that you will want your phone repaired in as little time as possible. We are dedicated to repairing and shipping your device to you within 24hrs of receiving it. 

iPhone Screen Repair

Screen repair service

Apple iPhone Screen Repair Service

Cracked Screen isn't that big of a deal as you may think. It isn't the best thing, obviously, but it is reversible. The only thing you need to do is find a good technician. You can confidently send it to us and we will take care of your problem. 

And we can promise that your screen will be as new.  

If you have cracked or damaged a screen on your phone and your device still works. If you like your phone or your phone is relatively new. Don't worry. You don't necessarily need to buy a new phone. Your screen can be easily repaired. It is not a problem if your screen is not just cracked but it has lines, dead pixels (if you don't know what dead pixels are- click here)or black spots. We can help you anyway. 


Our Screen Repair Service includes:


   1.Full testing/ inspection - After receiving your handset we fully test it to ensure just the screen is damaged. If we find another problem with your phone, we will contact you and together we will find the solution. If this occurs don't worry we repair all parts of the iPhone.


   2.Screen Removal - We remove your damaged/ cracked screen, you can keep it if you want. You can be confident with our work. We have 10 years' experience and all our technicians are trained.


   3.Refitting - We will install a new screen on your device. The whole process you can see here.


   4.Testing - After refitting a new screen, we fully test your device to ensure everything works properly, for this reason, we need to have access to your phone. That means you need to make a full backup to your phone and factory reset it or you need to disable the password on it. 


   5.Shipping - We offer free shipping back to you and 12 Months warranty on all our work T&C Apply.

If you are happy with our work, tell your friends about us. If you think we could improve something leave us feedback or comment. We appreciate that!

If you are local, Malton area, use our Malton Phone Repair website for Screen Repair Service - www.maltonphonerepair.co.uk