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Is it hard to repair cracked screen?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Screen Repair Service

Do you know the feeling? Your whole life flows before your eyes as you look at the ground. Your phone is lying face down. You pick it up, and relief washes over you. Your phone is ok. But not this time! This time its glass is cracked, not just chipped. No! It's cracked! So what now?

You can pretend that everything is ok and life is peachy. You push a cracked screen from your mind. But how long? How long can you look at the picture with a "spiderweb" on it? How long can you watch videos through a curtain of lines? You can listen to songs. That helps. When you give up, (eventually everybody does) find a technician. You can even send it to us. It is hard not to sound like an ad, but yeah, screen repairing is what we do - we love it. It's our passion.

Screen Repair Process

So what a technician does? First of all. He needs to make an inspection. If you used your phone with a cracked screen on it, you know it is working, so that's good. The technician has to exclude the damaged display. Let's say your screen is damaged... Well, it has to work. If not, you can throw it into a bin. Yep, sadly, that's a thing. It means your LCD can't have any lines, black spots, dead pixels. Hmm, you can manage with one-two dead pixel. It is not best to have it but manageable, back to the point. The display has to work, period.

A technician inspects a screen, and it is working how it should. Great! Next, he needs to unscrew the LCD from the logic board. He needs to remove the front glass from the LCD with 0.8mm wire. He cleans the display from the remaining glue and with a hot blade removes a polarizer. And here comes the fun part, which involves a big, heavy machine which laminates display to a new glass. This whole process includes lots of testing. And then voila, Refurbished screen is ready for your phone.

Maybe it sounds easy but believe me, it isn't. The phone screen has many delicate parts so you need to be very careful. One bad move is enough to damage not just the screen but also your phone.

So now you roughly know how your phone gets a new, refurbished screen. I hope that if you cracked your screen, the bad and pesky feeling is gone.


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