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What to do if my phone is water damaged?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

It happens! You are not first and surely not last. Maybe you put your phone in your back pocket, or you lay it on a bathroom sink, I do it all the time, and it falls out of your pocket, hopefully before you... did your thing. One wrong move, one little stretch and your phone falls in the sink and water is pouring on it not just a few drops but like seems like a little river. Oh, and of course we can't forget alcohol damage. What a waste! And this time I am not talking about phone only. But ok, yeah, you can spill on your phone common liquid as well, tea, coffee, fizzy water etc.

So, what if your phone falls into some kind of liquid? Don't panic! Don't plug anything in. Turn it off. Take off your phone case and remove the Sim card tray. Tap it gently with the lightning connector facing down. Let it dry in a dry place. Apple recommends waiting 5 hours, to be sure.

If it is not clear that your phone is water-damaged, remove a Sim tray. If you see inside the Sim Card Slot a red colour it means that the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) was activated, and yeah, your phone is indeed water-damaged. Normally a Slot is white or silver.

Another sign your phone is water-damaged is overheating. If your phone is hot to touch, you know what that means.

If your phone doesn't turn on, water possibly caused short-circuit, or corrosion on some components. Water can damage the battery or the charging port, resulting in the phone not being charged.

Water Damage iPhone
Water Damage iPhone

A more visible issue caused by water damage is lines or dark spots under the glass.

Now if you asking, what to do? Can it be fixed? Of course, it can be fixed. By a bowl of rice? Hmm... Even if I say, no don't do it. You try it anyway. Right? You can try it but be aware that rice can be stuck into a charging port and it can be a big issue. Even if it helps, this solution is most of the time just temporarily. Rather try airflow. You should let your phone in a dry area with airflow to let it dry. You can also use a fan to blow cool air into it. Again, probably just a temporary solution. You can try drying it with Silica gel packets. You need to cover the whole phone with them and wait. There are lots of tricks that can you try but the easiest is the most obvious. Oh yeah, a professional. If these tricks fail, you can easily find a technician who will happily and pretty simply help with this issue. I'm not going to bore you with the whole process. That's what is beautiful about this solution. You just need to find a technician, give him your device and wait for a while without worrying. A while later you holding your fixed phone in your hands. Careful, don't drop it!

Water Damage iPhone Screen
Water Damage iPhone Screen


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