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Buy refurbished/second-hand iPhones for the best price!

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We are offering good quality phones for sale in various conditions. The condition of our phones

is listed at the end of the page. 

iPhones on our shelves are used or refurbished. All our second-hand iPhones are fully tested and ready to make you happy. 
If your old phone is damaged or scratched, or just simply old why buy a new expensive phone.

When you can buy a refurbished phone for a much better price and with the same quality. 
If you once buy a refurbished phone, you would never want a new one. Why? Simple. Money!

You can save money with a refurbished phone and rather buy yourself a phone case, to make your phone safe and pretty. Just an idea... Maybe you are concern about the fact that the phone was used by someone before you. You shouldn't be. You will never know that your phone isn't new. We will clean every part of it. We will make sure that the camera is clean and make the best picture it possibly can. We will clean a speaker from dust or another particle, which shouldn't be there. If the screen is very scratched or cracked we will refurbish it. That applies to a back glass or a phone frame as well. So you can confidently purchase a phone from us.
On the other hand buying, a refurbished phone is a type of recycling. So you don't just save your money but the planet as well. It sounds unreal, but it is true. In 2018
United Nations University estimated that 9023 phones have been thrown away every second for an entire year. Scary, isn't it?  Can you imagine how much waste it is? Recycling helps minimize pollution. One of the ways to minimize pollution is by recycling and reusing waste. Reusing used phones is a clever way to recycling because you do recycling but you don't even know about it. The phone you buy from us is used but it doesn't mean it lacks quality. You buy a used phone with exactly the same quality as a new one, just for less money. Clever!  

Buy a used/refurbished iPhone for the best price with us!


The phone is in excellent condition. Looks new, without any wear and tear. 

Very Good

Second-hand iPhone with minimal wear and tear. There could be a little scratch or a small mark on the edges or on the screen. 


The phone has a few scratches or marks. 

If you are concern about how the phone looks like, contact us and we will send you a picture of the actual iPhone.

All our iPhones are factory unlocked. Our iPhones come with a charger, USB cable, sim card opener tool, and 12 Months warranty, T&C apply. Some of them come with the original box. 

Buy Second-hand iPhones

Condition of our Refurbished/ Second-hand iPhones