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The best quality Refurbished Screens

Refurbished Screens

Refurbished Apple Screens

At iPhoneBuyer UK, we persistently purchase supplies of damaged screens to give them new life and prepare them for installation on a new device. Our Refurbished Apple Screens are good as new for a fraction of the price. All iPhonebuyer UK refurbished screens are original Apple screens refurbished to the highest standards. 

Why buy refurbished screens?
       You won't experience many differences between a new screen and a Refurbished one. The glass on the Refurbished Screen is slightly different but this won't spoil your experience.  You will spend fairly less money for almost the same quality.  We test our refurbished screens a few times through the whole process of repair, we offer the best quality Refurbished Screens. 
Before we send you a Refurbished Apple screen, we will test the screen one last time to make sure everything is working. All our screens come with a warranty label, which means that you have a 12-month warranty on our Refurbished screens. Do not remove a warranty label from your screen, if you want to claim your warranty in the future. We do not accept warranty claims if the label was removed. The screen has to be installed by a professional technician because you can damage not just a screen but your device as well with unprofessional fitting. 
Once you receive your Refurbished Apple Screen test it as soon as possible. Even if we test it several times before shipping, it may be damaged in transit. 
We do not recommend installing cheap copy screens on your device because it won't last long. Copy Screen may be cheaper but with these types of screens, you can see a huge difference. Colours aren't that bright and vibrant and the resolution is much lower. This is the reason we don't offer Copy screens. We provide just Genuine Refurbished Screens, which means LCD was manufactured for Apple. Copy Screen was made by third-party companies, mostly in China. 


How we do our Refurbished Apple Screens
       We test damaged screens for lines, black spots, dead pixels, or faulty touch and then we decide what has to be done. 
If the screen is cracked but it is fully working (without lines, spots, dead pixels) we change just the front glass. This means we have to remove the frame with a frame removing machine and then we can separate the glass on a hot plate using 50 degrees temperature. The reason to use only 50 degrees is not to damage the backlight on the LCD. We use 0.8 mm wire to separate glass from LCD. We test the screen to make sure nothing was damaged. Next, we remove the polarizer with a hot blade and the remaining glue has to be clean off. We test the screen again and LCD is ready for lamination. We take LCD to the dust-free room to make sure that LCD doesn't have any dust particles.  We use our machine to laminate the glass to the LCD. After our machine does her magic we test the Refurbished Apple Screen again and it is ready for installing. 
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The Best quality Refurbished Screens
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