Sell your screen

Sell your screen


iPhone Screens


Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max                       £75.00
Apple iPhone 12 Mini                              £60.00
Apple iPhone 12 & 12 Pro                       £65.00
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max                        £45.00
Apple iPhone 11 Pro                                £26.00
Apple iPhone 11                                       £14.00
Apple iPhone XS Max                             £25.00
Apple iPhone XS                                     £16.00
Apple iPhone XR                                     £7.00
Apple iPhone X                                       £16.00
Apple iPhone 8 Plus                               £6.00
Apple iPhone 8                                       £4.00
Apple iPhone 7 Plus                               £3.00
Apple iPhone 7                                       £2.00       


iPad Screens

Apple iPad Pro 9.7"                               £20.00
Apple iPad Air 3                                    £20.00
Apple iPad Air 2                                    £14.00

Samsung Screens

Samsung Note 9                                  £30.00
Samsung Note 8                                  £20.00
Samsung S9 Plus                                 £33.00
Samsung S9                                         £29.00
Samsung S8 Plus                                 £30.00
Samsung S8                                         £24.00


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Sell your Screen
iPhone Buyer Sell your Screen

Do you ask if you need to throw away your cracked screen? The answer is no,  it would be a waste. Recycling is very important. These days maybe even more, because new things are made every day, people want to have new technology and the old ones are thrown away. Phones are made from many types of natural ores, which are easy to consume. In 2018 there were 9023 phones throw away every second through the Year. Such a waste and most importantly such a pity for our planet.

 Maybe you think a crack screen is worthless, but not to us. We would like to give them a new life.  We are equipt with the newest technology to deal with a crack screen so it is wort our time. Sell your screen to us, we buy any cracked screens from the list above. In case you have a cracked screen, which is not listed above and would like to sell it, contact us

What you need to know about the screen you selling:

1. We accept just Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) screens and non-OEM refurbished screens.

    Which means we don't accept third-party "copy displays". If you are not sure what screen you have, contact us and together we easily sort it out. Most of the OEM screens have an Apple symbol on the flex. Flexes on the non- OEM screens are very thin almost like paper. If you are able to try the screen you will notice that the display on the non-OEM screen lacks colours. 

2. The screen you are sending to us must work. It may be cracked,

but it can't have lines, black spots, bruises or dead pixels. The phone screen has thousands of pixels. The pixels of the phone must change colour according to the image on the phone. Dead pixels are pixels on the screen whose colour does not respond to the image. 

3. We know that sometimes you don't know if your screen is working, don't worry about it. After we receive your screens we test them to make sure they work as requested. If not, we will send a screen back to you. Please, don't send us a screen that you know doesn't work. 

4. Once the screens are tested we will offer payment via PayPal or Bank transfer.